Anyone not happy with his/her RX100 because of IQ?

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Re: Make up your own mind...

Yes there is a lot of BSon the forum,
I have myself both nex5n and rx 100 and they produce excellent jpg,

Again, you need to put everything in context , i found the Rx100 very good , small, and good range.
And boy this is fast, faster than the nex. But this is not a nex,

in term of quality the nex is a notch above especially if you shoot with the excellnt 50 1.8 and zeiss 24 . But then again, you have to carry the lenses

Best is to have both!

zackiedawg wrote:

dmotion90 wrote:

Are you not happy with the IQ because of the JPEG over-processing with the RX100. I'm going to make my order tonight and am totally let down by this but know I can always utilise RAW imagery.

If you haven't yet ordered or used the camera, how can you be let down by the JPG processing? Rather than worry about what OTHERS think about the JPG processing, you owe it to yourself to see what YOU think about the JPG processing, and moreover, learning how to make adjustments to the JPG settings and learning how to get the best exposures from the camera for optimal JPG results, and if you still can't get a JPG you're happy with, THEN you can be let down.

With the JPEG over-processing issue, I can only hope Sony release a firmware upgrade with more controls to avoid this issue.

The 'Sony JPG' issue has been something brought up on all Sony boards, from P&S to DSLR to NEX, for the better part of 6 years now, and despite that, millions have used Sony JPGs for everything from family snapshots to professional publishing and whether it's a fact or a rumor or an oft-repeated web nugget that doesn't die is completely up to you to decide for your own needs.

I personally never cared what anyone else had to say about JPGs - I tested them myself, made my camera settings and changes to tune the output the way I liked, and worked on my exposures and compositions, and have managed somehow to stay very happy through 3 ultrazoom P&Ss, 3 DSLRs, and 2 mirrorless bodies all from Sony, pretty much all of which according to reviews and occasional forum thread complaints were terrible at JPG processing. All of it just became worthless non-applicable noise to me, since I was getting on just fine with the JPGs from my camera, so if everyone else was struggling with theirs, too bad so sad for them. Had I worried about their comments, I never would have bought and enjoyed all of those cameras.

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