Is my Panasonic 14- 140mm lens faulty?

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Re: Is my Panasonic 14- 140mm lens faulty?

Thanks for your replies.

I am in the UK so would assume I send the lens/camera direct to Panasonic. Though when I e-mailed them about this issue through their site have not had a reply!

I do get this same effect on tripod shots as well when I leave the OIS on. But this only first occured from July 28th when I first witness this effect. I only have this one Panasonic lens and know of no-body else who uses this system so cannot compare other lens alas. This zoom has the OIS switch on the lens itself and only the 1st setting in the camera menu is used for videos. I have cleaned carefully both the camera & lens contacts when this first occured. I only use manual focus so that is not adjusting when recording. The images are not cropped. I do still get batches of recordings which are glitch free but the gaps between good and bad recordings are less than they were. And I have checked through on average about 250 recordings prior to the 28th July and not one show this effect. Normal camera shake or movement does occur as you might expect when using a lens at a tele position hand held. But looks different to this "jump frame" effect where the whole image bounces in the EVF or LCD while recording. So you know while you are recording that it has occured, and most times it happens when the overall shot is fairly steady. So less movement of the camera tends to encourage this glitch. But again was not apparent before the 28th! Given its intermittent nature can imagine it might be a pain to get sorted particulary if it could be the camera body instead!

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