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Re: Have you checked for AF front- or back-focus?

Marianne Oelund wrote:

Dana wrote:

Took out the D800E shooting for the first time today. Was shooting at 14mm, 5.6, 1/8 second, 14 bit, Live View, tripod, cable shutter release, Raw uncompressed, AFS single point. Photos came out totally lacking in sharpness. Anyone else having good results shooting with the 14-24 lens? I don't find the images looking any better than my D200 with 12-24 at 12mm. Very unhappy!

Using the same camera/lens combination, mine needs a -15 AF fine tune, or it will backfocus severely. That adjustment is effective for all AF points on my camera.

But it wouldn't matter using Live View, right? If the tripod isn't especially sturdy could the FP shutter move the D800E enough to produce a slight blur? It shouldn't take much movement with the D800's extremely fine pixel pitch. I think that this could be tested by using a Speedlight and the same shutter speed but reducing the ambient exposure by using some combination of a smaller aperture (f/11 or f/16), a weak ND filter and a lower ISO, assuming that an ISO several stops higher than ISO 100 was used with the original f/5.6 and 1/8th second exposure settings.

Edit: Could focus shift play a part if the LV AF was done using a wider f/2.8 aperture? IIRC, the D800 should be able to better deal with this than Nikon's older DSLRs.

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