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Gariz cases...his own website is down?

SDF wrote:

New Gariz case on eBay -

SDF: thx for the heads up re: Gariz's cases. his own website appears to be down! i wonder what happened. also: this is a $83 case that is merely a "half case". it doesn't even come with a matching, nice/attractive strap! i wonder why he's producing this without even a strap or the option of the top half of the case? this puts a number of us in a bind: if we like his case, we are only able to buy a half case, which solves some of the usage/protection issues but certainly not all!

if and when i want to put the RX100 in a messenger bag or a backpack, this half case would not do the job adequately.

if i only want to use it to protect the bottom of the RX100 when i'm using it day to day, this half Gariz style does work.

net/net, it only serves part of my needs at a $83 cost! yikes.

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