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gteague: i got confused...

gteague wrote:

the one listed under the accessories tab on the rx100 page at sony seems to fits your bill perfectly:

also avail at amazon for less, which is where i got it:

but if you put anything in the sleeve sewed inside the top of the case it makes it too tight a fit for my comfort level. i put a sony battery and two memory cards in the sleeve and worried that i was going to put too much pressure on the lcd display and i was way too worried about the tightness to turn the camera around and face the lens to the sleeve.

and even if you don't plan to put anything in the sleeve, i'd still worry about the thread which they used to sew the sleeve on which is pretty rough-feeling scratching the display unless you put a soft cloth to cover the threading. i know i sound anal as hell with all this, but i just don't like the fit of that case . but i'll go out on a limb and say that case is most likely the smallest or most minimal you can get that will enclose the camera entirely . i did like that it had a snap closure for the belt loop (i won't use one that you have to thread through), double zippering, and a plastic caribiner for hanging off a belt loop or something else.

gteague: sorry, i got confused. was this post of yours entirely about the Sony LCS-CSW ZIPPERED case? or when you said "that case", you meant a different case?

personally, i prefer the quick/easy open/close of a magnet case. Besides the roughness of the inside stitching of the Sony case which you wrote about, this Sony case is also zippered rather than velcro or magnet. Velcro is bad for me in the winter due to it catching onto fine sweaters.

The Olympus neoprene case that i've used for my Canon S90/S95/S100 was a triumph in case design: the magnet is ENCLOSED inside the neoprene so there's no metal exposed! also, that means when the flap closes, it's slightly dampened due to the layer of neoprene.

but, alas, that case is way too tight for the RX100. it's merely a little bit here and a little bit there, but it won't close and is too tight for the RX100.

additionally, the Olympus is horizontally used, which is what i prefer to the vertically oriented cases that seems to be more common with the Sony and LowePro brands.

Thanks, gteague, for showing us this Sony case though.

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