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Thank you for some real input. Sorry but I've tried everything you suggested already. The problem is in the camera itself. It turns off when it is connected to anything with electronic contacts. I have used my KIT 12-50 with no avail. I have upgraded the FW. I have reset the lens multiple times. I don't deny that other cameras have problems too, I was spoiled by my GF-1 that worked flawlessly, till it was stolen and probably works fine now too (in someone else's hands). Reliability is a big deal if this is a top-of-the-range product. I would not have spent this amount of money on this product, if I had doubts about its reliability. This is a manufacturing quality issue, if an interchangeable lens camera cannot use electronic contact lenses within 2 months of purchase.

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Kartikmani2000 wrote:

My OM-D has been misbehaving for a while. I have been using the Pana Leica 14-150 mm lens with an MA-1 adaptor. I have not been shooting in extreme heat or cold. Unfortunately, the camera simply seems to die when actively connected to the lens. If you press the lens release, the image reappears but otherwise there is no control over the shutter. The camera works fine with my nokton which has no electronic contacts. The camera seems to turn the sensor output and lens controls off when the electronic lens is connected but seems to be actively adjusting shutter speed. Both the EVF and the tilt screen are completely black. I contacted Olympus support by the email on their website who was completely useless. This is not a premium product. As someone with a fair amount invested in the olympus panasonic column, I am seriously joining the sony fanboys. At least their cameras work.

The fault you describe could have several origins. It may lie in the camera body, the adapter or the lens. It could be due to an amplification of tolerances between the three components. By this I mean that even if all three are within the manufacturers' individual specifications, putting them together makes for an out of spec result. In short the problem could lie with one of three parties:

  • Olympus, for a defective camera body or adapter.

  • Panasonic for a defective 43 system lens.

  • you for failing to attach them all together correctly.

I suggest you try to eliminate the possible sources of error as follows:

1. attach an Olympus m43 lens to the camera body and see if it functions correctly. If it does then the problem lies with the adapter, the lens or with you.

2. Attach an Olympus 43 system lens to the adapter and to the body and check again, having first checked that the 43 system lens works correctly on an Olympus 43 camera body.

3. Attach your 43 system 14-150 mm lens to a 43 camera body and check that it works correctly.

4. Try your original combination again having given all the electronic contacts a good clean.

I would suggest that you do all of the above in the presence of an acknowledged expert such as a good technical person in a brick and mortar camera store, possibly the one where you bought your equipment.

If everything in 1. to 4. above works perfectly then the inevitable conclusion is that it could be you who is the problem. Are you sure that you are connecting the components together firmly until you hear the pronounced click of the lens lock?

If you bought your equipment online then I suggest you return it under warranty.

I know that malfunctioning equipment is always a problem. Of the 4 Canon cameras I have bought new, 3 have had to be returned for warranty repair, while none of the 5 Panasonic cameras have had to go back. 2 of the 3 warranty repairs have continued to work well in the longer term while one has died completely just out of warranty. On the other hand I know of several photographic friends who have had zero problems with Canon equipment. I know that Canon is fine for them but not for me, but I don't mouth off about it on Canon forums; I just use it as an illustration here.

Every manufacturer makes the occasional lemon, even Sony, but the odd lemon is not a reason for attempting a one person smear campaign before you have worked out where the problem really lies.

Of course if you turn out to be a Sony fanboy troll who thinks that FUD stands for 'fully
understand deception' then we know where you are coming from.

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