To X10 or Not - HELP!

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Re: To X10 or Not - HELP!

Midwest wrote:

If your wife doesn't know a huge amount about photography or if she doesn't want to have to worry about modes and DR and EXR settings and all that, she might well do better with a good travel zoom or an LX5.

Additionally, the X10 has very poor battery life and at the very least you will need numerous extra batteries to carry along. Most other cameras seem to get at least double the number of shots on a single charged battery.

Depends, you can just set it to a mode like P, A or EXR and pretty much use it as a point-and-shoot. The battery life is easily as good as a typical smaller travel camera - I get about 250+ shots on a charge after a couple of cycles, not sure how many small cameras do much better really...

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