Dead OM-D. Will NOT buy Olympus again!

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Re: Fw Update 1.1 should fix the issue with the FT Panaleica. Available since April.

acahaya wrote:

Please check the FW of your EM5.

Problems using this FT Panaleica lens were fixed with the Fw Update 1.1 back in April.

At least my FT 8mm FE now works on the E-M5, this is one of the other lenses addressed in Fw update 1.1.

There might also be a problem with the adapter, make sure the lens itself is OK (test on FT body) and the adapter is OK (test with other FT lens on EM5).

Or sell everything and buy a Sony but stop blaming a camera manufacturer before at least making sure that no fix for your problem exists. FW 1.1 has been available for 3 months now.

I am using the latest FW. This is not my first rodeo.

It is not an adaptor issue, as I have the same problem with the KIT 12-50 olympus lens.

I have reset the lens.

I have spent the last several weeks trying multiple solutions, including several emails with olympus support. This is just not working.

When I bought this camera, I was hoping for reliability at the level of a semi-pro camera. This is not what I expected. There are others like me who are planning a similar purchase, I want to let them know that in addition to the legions of people with functioning EM-5s, there are those where there are reliability issues and you don't get pro level support.

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