Dead OM-D. Will NOT buy Olympus again!

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Re: Dead OM-D. Will NOT buy Olympus again!

sderdiarian wrote:

This smells like trolling. Posts a baiting title and then flames Olympus for a malfunction any E-M5 user would have found their fix for. Instead his outreach to Olympus consists of 1 email, and he doesn't reply to constructive posts for dealing with the issue.

I strongly suggest all move on from this and let it quietly fall off page one as it deserves. Otherwise continuing this thread is doing a good company with great products a disservice.
Sailin' Steve

Not trolling in the least. You are incorrect at multiple levels. If any em-5 user can find a solution, I would be grateful.

1. My outreach to Olympus was for several weeks of back and forth emails not one email as you might have said. The guy on the other side barely knew anything about the camera and asked me to check on "photographic websites" for any suggestions as he did not have any more.

2. I work for a living and cannot reply to posts in real time. I reply when I can.

3. I have said this before and will say it again. The more premium you price a product, the better its performance AND reliability should be. YOu cannot $1700 for a camera (kit lens and grip) and say that within 2 months of purchase, your camera will malfunction during an event you were hoping to shoot.

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