Dead OM-D. Will NOT buy Olympus again!

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Re: I had a similar problem ...

bskeet wrote:

I had a similar problem with the Panasonic MA-1 adapter on my E-M5. The image was shown but focus wouldn't work. The adapter seemed to be seated in the mount correctly but I assume not all the electronic contacts were making a connection. Jiggling the adapter fixed the problem. There was a audible click when it slipped into the correct place. I think it's just as likely an issue with the adapter as the camera.

In any case your subject and post are a little on the alarmist side. I'm very pleased with my E-M5.

I had to use the Olympus warranty service in the past and the service was excellent.

For a photographic website, some very closed minds here. I have a 12-50 Olympus KIT lens that has the SAME problem as my PL 14-150. I had a gf-1 previously (stolen) that worked flawlessly with this lens for years. ONLY MY NOKTON without electronic contacts works. ANY lens with an electronic contact shuts the sensor output. I have cleaned the contacts. I was quite pleased with the camera until this reliability issue cropped up. I am using latest firmware - at least according to the website. I did contact Olympus by website and they don't really give a lot of constructive input by email. I live 200 miles south of Portland OR. There is no Olympus dealer in close access.

BTW, after spending close to 2K on a 'professional-lite' camera with the grip and the lens, it should not malfunction this early.

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