5D mk III - My early impressions article

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Re: yeah

bronxbombers wrote:

hmm you may be right, not sure what to think now

a different guy tested it and there was an easy +2/3rd advantage for the 1DX, here it looks like 1/3 so not that huge of a deal and maybe not even that, assuming they didn't normalize for 18MP vs 22.3MP there....

someone did test the 1DX to have almost 1 stop better DR up at high ISO though

hmm now I wonder if my early talk and that of some others about the 1DX being a record breaker at high iso will prove false?

not sure what to say, one guy showed an easy +2/3rd stop advantage for 1DX and stan does not, both tests sounded pretty decent

It was and is highly unlikely that the 1D X would be even 1/2 stop better than the 5DIII (and therefore by implication, than the D4 and D800). These cameras are operating at nearly 60% quantum efficiency - there is not a lot to be had easily above that, and the read noise related to pixel size seems about the same for all of the sensor sources these days. Essentially, competitive pressure has moved them all to pretty much the same performance, and there are no easy breakthroughs to be had.

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