OM-D shoulder strap

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Re: Thanks for all the inputs but I'm getting...

like it because you've tried it or because you saw the pictures?

  • Cinch has no quick disconnect.

  • The padding is somewhat sparse and may not lay how you want it in some carry positions.

  • the pull tab may not be as secure as you want. some swear by it -- others swear AT it.

Optech is a great bet. the only (and i mean only) downside on the E-M5 is the strap may be a bit wider than some like for that size camera.

FWIW: i'm also not a fan of the Sun Sniper's -- too expensive, over-engineered. Optech is a simpler solution and if you want it secured at your hip, rig a velcro strap from your belt/loop. works much better without all the issues.

about 15 years ago, i had a slimmer version of the optech from a different company -- V-something or other -- still trying to find that one again as it would be perfect for E-M5...dav

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