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Re: 55-250 is

MAC wrote:

interesting Peter, but does it have 18 mpxl and 5 fps?

G3 has 16mp and shoot 4fps and GH2 can shoot 5pfs so pretty closed. All your samples you demo don't need high burst rate and don't display large enough sizes that will leverage 18mp.

You're changing your prior statements about IQ and the formats. BTW -- if you go to photozone or FM sites you'll see rave reviews on the $250 lens.

Have you actually seen M43 photos from G3 and GH2 for examples? With those two lenses I mentioned 35-200 and 100-300 zoom, they are quite capable to deliver similar IQ photos. I agreed 60D sensor IQ is better than Panny 16mp one but not much better actually especially under good light.

and where is the DXO study that shows it has better IQ than this?

Those two zoom lenses are not as good as 70-200L/4.0 IS or 70-300L or 100-400L but actually are not less than 55-250 if you check yourself (listed below). Panny 100-300 is only better and I have seen some very good wildlife photos from this lens with G3 and GH2.



Anyway my point is that you get what you paid for. You need to balance the IQ/effective reach vs weight/size/cost. There are no "perfect" camera and lenses for each of us but whatever suit you best and as long as you are happy.

Stick with the facts and the stats Peter -- versus opinions

I am not sure what's the fact you're arguing about? I just said 55-250 lens is just OK lens but not at the levels of those L zoom I mentioned. I am not a fan of M43 actually. I just correctly point out that if you really want a lite package while still can deliver similar IQ those M43 packages are there, (much) lighter/smaller and not necessarily cost more.

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