What's wrong with my photographs?

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Re: Mostly look fake

Thanks again for the feedback, guys!

I am curious in what way my images look fake? Is it just the saturation? Do you think I do crazy composites to create scenes that never happened? Do you think I create the lighting in PS?

I've taken over 50,000 shots in the last year and a half. Of those 50,000+ shots only several dozen have made it to my website. I only seek the most surreal and special scenes I can find. I put an incredible amount of effort into getting shots just right at the scene. I've waited over a week in the woods before to get just the right light for a single shot.

One thing that is becoming a little obvious is that I have been getting more negative feedback with the more I pull back from applying artistic vision. Maybe I need to go back to using more PS in my images? I'm an artist at heart, not a photojournalist.

Also, why is it that when I started doing photography using B&W film and developing and enlarging my own work, that people always praised the darkroom work? I would get a failing grade in high school if I ever enlarged a print with no dodging, burning, or contrast control. It was just generally assumed that people who couldn't control the darkroom were never true masters of the art. Today, it is the opposite, or so it seems. Besides doing color vs. B&W, I do nothing in PS that can't be done in a darkroom. Dodging, burning, global and local contrast, image blending, etc.

The one thing I love about DPR is that the critics don't hold back anything.

Thanks again for the straight feedback!

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