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Question: What happens if you turn off the color option in the printer driver and tell the printer to print in grey scale only? Do you still have a color tint in the midtones? If so, I would think you have a problem with your inks. Are the inks outdated? I've always printed B/W pictures in grey scale only. My thinking is if you turn off color and still see a tint, something with the inks or ink/paper combination is amiss.

rogerhyam wrote:

Hi All,

I love dpreview so kudos to the guys who put it together.

I am trying to get back into black and white printing. I was a scientific photo technician in the early '90s doing a lot of work on illford papers. I went on to other things. Digital happened and now I just take photos for fun. I am happy with the colour prints from my Epson PX700W using Claria inks or compatibles.

As the kids are getting older I am finding time to do some more considered photography and think about tonal values. Alas I am frustrated by not being able to do decent black and white prints from my PX700W. Mid tones alway have a tint to them - they suck.

I believe this is a problem with all dye based inkjets and to get neutral results I'd need to go to something like and Epson R3000. Is this right? Are there any ways I could 'hack' a smaller printer to give good black and white prints by doing something like loading it completely with black inks - yeah sounds crazy but someone may have ICC profiles etc.

Other than the money of buying an R3000 there is a issue with where I would put it as we are stuck for space. A3 printing isn't a priority.

I don't want to get the prints made by a third party as I am interested in controlling the finished print tones quite closely - what it is all about.

Your opinions would be most valued.

Many thanks,


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