Disappointed in print (Off D800E)

Started Jul 14, 2012 | Discussions thread
primeshooter Veteran Member • Posts: 4,261
It's your printers

DSLRPhoto2000 wrote:
Originally TIFF 100 meg file rez 7360x4912 changed the size for Dpreview

primeshooter wrote:

DSLRPhoto2000 wrote:

It's in focus I also recheck it with a 400% crop in Photoshop. The print is grainy and pixleated 4 feet away (The print version)

I have to ask this, are you trolling?

What ISO was it shot, what focal length and shutter/aperture?

Also, I'm amazed you've not put the picture in this thread. The thread is quite pointless and feels troll like in nature to me; without your picture that you have printed massive then posted to complain about it, without showing anyone. Seems kind of stupid to me...

Mate the file looks fine of what I see of it, settings etc. But a small tip, if you are printing this as large as you have quoted, crop off the tiny bit of building you have included at the left. It feels "wrong". If you see pixelation from 4ft it's your printers.

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