Canon G1X and Flexizone focusing questions for travel and landscape photography

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Re: Canon G1X and Flexizone focusing questions for travel and landscape photography

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Is flexizone the best AF method for the G1X? I just read that the exposure is determined by where the point is on the screen, but in AV mode, I don't see the exposure changing at all regardless of where I place the point.

First of all, there is no best AF method. The fact that you can choose different AF modes means that for some subjects one AF method is the best, for other subjects another AF method is the best. You can read about the AF methods jn the manual.

If you don't see exposure change, did you set the camera to spot metering and did you link the exposure to the AF point?

I've set the point to the smallest possible box size. Where should I place the point for my landscape and general photo subjects? I kind of like my Panasonic GF1's AF mode where multiple points appear to focus on the subject.

Any tips on how to get more out of the G1X's AF mode would be greatly appreciated.

Read the manual and try on your camera everything that is written there.

How do I link the exposure to the AF point?

Half press the shutter for focus and exposure will be linked. You can also do this and recompose your shot as long as you keep the shutter half pressed while recomposing. See p. 113 "Fexizone Center" > "Recomposing Shots while Focus is Locked". Also see p. 98.

Is this what you wanted to know ?


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