New K5 over exposure

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Re: New K5 over exposure

Except that even the most perfectly calibrated and "accurate" metering system can't predict and adjust for every situation you are going to throw at it. Some examples: a shadow across a face; one side of the frame darkish, the other side bright; dim muddy foreground under a hot sky; midtones against snow; filtered sunlight through trees.

Having to compensate your exposure doesn't mean your meter is faulty. The meter can't decide on its own what the photographer is aiming for. If there's a hot corner of bright sky in one corner while 80% of the scene is in shadow, then, yes, that area is going to be blown-out. The fact that you're compensating is a step in the right direction. Don't get hung up on this.

Learning how to read a scene is far more important. Sometimes it's just a composition issue. Your camera's meter is merely a tool. It's not the boss.
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