Will a 300F4IS (+1.4TCII) work for Vancouver island/hyder?

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Re: Will a 300F4IS (+1.4TCII) work for Vancouver island/hyder?

Most of these are near to full size or only slightly cropped. None cropped more that about 70% of original 15MP of the 50D. They have all been resized to 1000 pixels on its long side to upload to my gallery.

The 300mm f4 is a great lens as is the 100-400mm. I have owned the 300mm for about 2 years and used the 100-400mm extensively. The 100-400mm I had for about 6 months was used almost exclusively at 300-400mm so I switched to the 300mm f4 for the extra speed of the f4.

Both lenses use 1st generation IS that is a few steps behind what you have with the 70-200mm f4 IS.

Auto focus is good on both the 300mm and the 100-400mm. The 300mm is a little bit better on its own but definitely not as good when combined with the 1.4x.

As for resolution the 300mm is better on its own (at 300mm) but slightly worse (not much at all) when combined with the 1.4x (400 vs. 420). The 300 + 1.4x is a true 420mm while the 100-400 is about 380mm when fully zoomed (normal for a zoom to be only full focal length at infinity focus which is not used all that often) which gives a slight reach advantage to the 300mm +1.4x TC.

I really like the combination of 300mm, 70-200mm, and the 1.4x TC. I feel that it is the best no comprise (f4, high quality, fast focus, etc) solution and you already have most of this already. It would be the cheaper solution as well. The 100-400mm is a little lighter and much more compact so that might be the best for you if space and weight are very restricted.

I used the 300mm the most for wildlife on the trip but I did enjoy using the 70-200mm for landscapes as we were moving around and group shots of animals (see below). I think that if you buy the 300mm do NOT leave the 70-200mm at home but if you go with the 100-400mm you could go without the 70-200mm, but the 70-200mm is better in every aspect within the shared range (sharpness, AF, IS, weight)

If you do not use 300-400mm that often you could just rent a 100-400/300mm for the trip. I looked through a few of your recent post and it seems as though you will be gone for a few weeks so renting could would be $ 250-300 with tax.


Or you could buy a refurbished or used lens use it for a month and sell it for what you paid for it. That’s if you can part with it and that’s a big if. This second option is what I would do.


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