Nikon D90 too old for the long run?

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Mr Physics
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To throw some light on the question....

Ysir wrote:

I am just confisued about DSLR technology advancement. Is it more like a car engine or more like a smart phone?

Car engine. Sensor technology has matured and the new advances are small and the marketing hype is large. When I compare the results of the D70 to the D90, I can't really see much image quality improvement except at the higher ISO's. When I analyze the controlled D7000 vs. D90 images (IR comparatometer, DxO's sensor scores, etc.) I need to have the superiority of the D7000 pointed out to me. DxO's measurements and test suggests that the D90 and D7000 have a similar response at high ISO and the D7000 expands the DR advantage at ISO 100.

Do you think buying the D90 is a good investment and will serve me for a long time? Other options:

  • Buy D3200.

  • Wait for the release of D7000 replacement and grab D7000. I have time but money is an issue.

I suspect the controls of the D3200 will get in the way if you develop a serious interest in photography. The prices of the D7000 will plummet with the introduction of the succeeding model. Many folks will vehemently defend that camera body, but I can't speak from personal experience on that. The D90 remains my champion DX light-writing machine. It's easy to use, a pleasure to adjust and is still giving me many things to learn.

Best luck with your decision,

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