Who is trying manual lenses and why?

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Re: Who is trying manual lenses and why?

eths wrote:

The Nex-7 and focus peaking and quality MF optics are a killer combo, IMHO

Sure is, I'm keeping my NEX-5 as backup cam w/ different settings.

In my case, I already had most of my MF lenses, in some cases for decades.

I sold all my gear after finishing the last assignment, BUT just a few days ago I purchased_3 beautiful small lenses for 5 Euros each from a little shop at the main station, all in fine condition.

1. a Jupiter-8 50mm/f2, a little fun lens with no aperture clicks, great for videos and after some initial sessions not bad as a short portrait lens. Not too sharp and some beautiful color rendition.

2. an Olympus Zuiko 50mm/f1.8 silver nose, I already owned the newer MC version and this doesn't appear to perform any worse. Nice little lens on the NEX.

3. a Konica Hexanon 40mm/f1.8 pancake. Now this one comes as a real surprise. Pretty soft wide open, much softer than expected but then. Stopped down to 2.8 it slowly wakes up to its true potential and from f4 on this baby sings like no other lens I own in beautiful colors and its very own 3d-pop. A true keeper here.

Not bad for 15 Euros altogether, there are still some 20 or so older beauties sleeping in that shop but so far I couldn't find any adapters for my Nexes.

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