Not sure about Weddings

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Re: Not sure about Weddings

Oztom wrote:

Cant wait to see the responses from this one.

Personally i think your extremely narrow minded regardless of your moral beliefs.

There is no place for prejudice or discrimination in this world and thankfully people such as yourself are a dying breed.

Get off your moral high horse, give yourself a couple of uppercuts and snap out of it before you end with egg on your face and no friends.

And no I am not gay but find it offensive that you think you are morally above any one who does not think the way you do.

Hopefully there is time for you to change and join the majority of the human race who believe that we are all equal in the eyes of GOD or whoever you think is in charge.

Wow I really let loose and it feels good.
Was this thread what is called trolling.
Oh well if it was you got me.

very very harsh, belittling and augmentative. everyone has a right to their beliefs even if they don't satisfy you. $.02

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