Do you shoot weddings like Jeff Ascough does?

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Re: Do you shoot weddings like Jeff Ascough does?

Michael Kaminski wrote:

It's definitly easier to do such kind of work, if location and clientel are "upper class" sorry, no offense, since then many good shots generate themselves if people know how to move, to present themselves and the whole thing is like a filmset anyway.

But to my experience it gets quite difficult nowadays to do that kind of thing although it's my favorite way of shooting weddings. The average paying client doesn't really know what he want's. Very often you have to direct them and make even a show to be worth your price. Of course the photos are what counts and will lead to mouth to mouth propaganda in either direction.

Usually I do the formal shots and some reportage work during the festivities and the preparation. But I really dislike those posing on a bench, and "on the tree", out of the convertible shots. But you know, sometimes people want that so what can you do?

However sometimes if you're lucky and your internet site attracts some wealthy customers, then of course some possibilities arise, and then shooting a wedding gets easier.
But of course Ascough is a great photographer.

I totally agree with the "filmset" concept, this kind of style works much better when shooting an upper class wedding. You are in a situation where whatever you point your camera at is good looking or interesting..

About the "no flash usage", I saw an old documentary* showing him at work with four Leicas and no flash indeed. Yes, in some picture the light was flat and ugly, but I couldn't see many of those "bad" pictures in the album.
However in those years he was printing minuscule pictures for the wedding Album.

Most of them were 4 by 4 and 3 by 5 with just a few being a little bigger than that.

This means that no grain, wrong focusing or blur could be visible even when present in the pictures.

I also think printing small is good because it makes the pictures looking more "precious". To my taste pictures look nicer when I see them in a small size, enlarging is beneficial only to the really good ones.

If I am not wrong the title was "Masters of wedding photography"

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