Very pleased with RX100 (image)

Started Jul 15, 2012 | Discussions thread
Steverunner Junior Member • Posts: 44
Re: Very pleased with RX100 (image)


this is what i suspected, it s not because you have a big hard drive you should keep everything, at the end, we cumulate pics that no one look at
and have the great pictures drowned in the rest....

keep up the good works, do you have more pictures elsewhere we could look at ?

Pointcolville wrote:

I used to keep everything but never took time later to do anything with tem. I found that images have more value to me if i have fewer of them.

I import to Lightroom, flag keepers (typically 10%) and delete everything else. If i am shooting for a project i rank photos but don't delete anything until i am happy with a final image. YMMV.

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