RX100 has massive problems with F1.8 Close-ups

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he's learning

Agree. This is someone that probably has not shot many lenses at f2.0 or lower. Even extremely expensive lenses show the same exact problems with focus and "blue flames" are Chromatic Aberration. You get this when you shoot a lens wide open. Some of this could be motion blur, not focus issues too. To get an f1.8 to look super sharp with no CA wide open is simply not possible - not for a pocket camera with a huge sensor. You can if the sensor is way smaller, but thats not what this camera is about. Its about big sensor, large depth of field, and low noise. This is all totally normal. Its also totally expected. f1.8 is great for the video side where the resolution is much lower. For still images, expect this from any camera with a sensor like this. Go find a NEX camera, get a lens that can shoot wider than f2.0 and take a picture with that. You will see exactly the same issues. If the nex even has a lens that can shoot this wide an aperture. When that sensor gets bigger, you are going to have these problems. Its the law of optics.

You just learned that at f5.6 its better than f1.8. Correct. Generally 2-3 stops down from wide open is where the real sharp stuff starts. Knowing what apertures you can shoot at is a huge part of photography. You virtually never shoot wide open for a tripod shot. Thats exactly why you dont do it. Wide open, the lens is at its worst.

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