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Yes I did read what he said but it depends on the cost of this upgrade, which would not be cheaper than current sensors.

Why would it not? You need to do come cost analysis before you make such statements. The fact that more pixels is a feature that manufacturers have sometime used as a reason to charge more does not mean that they cost more.

Either way it means that you'll end up paying more - that's guaranteed.

Why? If the manufacturer can build a better product for the same price, why would they not sell it at a low price to gain competitive advantage, especially if they were a second tier supplier like Olympus?

They could but this sensor would be in the top of the line camera and Olympus never sell those cheaply.

So far as that goes, on the whole, people will tend to be upgrading their computers as they upgrade their cameras. It would hardly be reasonable to spec computers on the basis that their files should be processable on a 8088 IBM PC with 640k of memory.

Will they? plenty of people wouldn't want to do that. I use Macs because on the whole they don't need to be upgraded as often as PC's because a new OS can actually improve their performance. My Mac is hardly legacy but I wouldn't want to process 40mp files in PS on it.

So, what its the average age of computer for which camera manufacturers should be planning their cameras. 1 year? 5 years? 10 years?

Camera manufacturers obviously don't care about that, it's the owner that takes that hit. It's an economic decision for many and will undoubtedly be a factor in deciding whether to buy a camera like that. Obviously to some it won't matter, to me it would.

And in any case, as pixel counts go up, workflow changes. With 36MP I do much less photoshop work than I did with 12 MP, because I don't have to.

Depends on the processing you do. I process tiff files for colour and mono, these are large files, resolution doesn't really come into it unless it slows my MAC down, I get enough resolution from 16mp for what I do, even 12mp was enough for me. Resolution isn't the be all and end all of IQ, there are far more important elements for me.

That's quite true, but more resolution at the sensor level increases your options when it comes to processing. So, for instance I very often develop a 36MP raw file to a 9MP tiff using simple half resolution decoding. The advantage with this is that it produces a very high quality file with no interpolation artifacts (since there is no interpolation). The quality of the noise and the resulting tonality of the image is very much nicer than I'd get from a native 8-9MP camera, there is a lot more detail (since the AA filter is way clear of the output resolution). Its also very fast. Thereon the 9MP tiffs take just as much or as little processing time as any other 9MP tiffs, except I'm doing far less, because the 9MP file produces an excellent result without recourse to all the PP that would be required from other cameras. The use of multiple layers in PS is generally to overcome deficiencies in the raw image.

As I said, you could well find the same computer works just fine with 40MP files, because workflow changes.

I can guarantee this would make a big difference, the difference is noticeable between 12mp and 16mp. We're talking multiple applications open as the image is transferred between apps and we're also talking large tiff files.

You probably won't make any change in your workflow going for 12-16MP. From 16-40, you will, if you are sensible. With that much information available in the raw file, the selection of what you want in the final image is pretty simple, whereas if the raw file contains only just enough (or even not quite enough), you spend a lot of time time in PP bringing out important detail or texture that has nearly been lost, or countering shadow noise, or restoring subtle tonality that has been lost.

I generally dont process because of deficiencies in my raw files, I'm very happy with the quality of the OMD's raws, it's more a case of being creative with colour than tweaking what I already have. It's also about selective contrast and tones. No camera will do that for you.
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