Old Minolta glass on NEX-7

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Re: Old Minolta glass on NEX-7


I have the last Minolta version and discussed with a very knowledgeable Sony/Minolta dealer if I should change it for the CZ and his recommendation was that I should not... although there are reviews saying the CZ is better in some ways. This Minolta version is available at around $800. It really is a fabulous lens, if as you say you get the focus spot on. The quality of the imaging for portraits has a special magic (even if sometimes a bit too sharp)

As you will have seen from a previous post, I am just starting to experiment with NEX and MF, and intend to use my 85/1.4 with a regular MA to NEX adapter (less than $20) instead of the LAE2 ($250+ I can use for something better). Likewise Minolta 135/2.8 and 200/2.8. If I want to use them AF I will continue to use on a700.

However I am just experimenting with NEX5 and confirmation that the lens is up to the demands of NEX7 is great.

Keep the useful info flowing


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