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Alejandro Daz del Ro Fery
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Start learnig to counter-criticize ... Re: Goodbye Nikon D300 - D100 Forum

The worst was the FX/DX split, but now with the D800's sensor, it is the weeping system jumpers.

How I miss the Art & Philosophy from the old forum! ... Or you start to learn to counter-criticize, or you'll be back here ... After all, the D800 is DX too ... I kept the 10.5, 12-24, 17-55 & 18-200 ... although since April I have not used them rather than test charts, I'm sure will use them as FX (18-24 & 25-55), DX as they are, or CX (♥ my 49-544mm VR :)).
Good luck.

Darrelll wrote:

Whilst not a prolific poster as some are here, I've enjoyed the many years of learning, sharing and viewing in awe some of the images the many contributors on the forum has produced.

My first dslr was the D70 then to the D200 and now, I will be receiving my shiny new D800 tomorrow, so it is goodbye to all you wonderful forum peeps.

I've learned so much from the many of you... Thank you!



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Un saludo.

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