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rrr_hhh wrote:

You should really read the Guy Parsons page concerning the Mysets, because it is well explained there.

There are two kinds of Mysets : the quick Mysets and the normal use of Mysets.

When you use the normal Mysets, you call a group of settings you have set by going through the menu. The change will stick as long as you don't go in the menu to choose another one.

But if you are say in normal outdoor mode shooting landscapes or architecture and you suddently notice an interesting action scene, you can use a button in order to activate a temporary Action Myset (provided you have memorize your preferred action setting in one of the 4 Mysets and have affected that precise Myset to one button.

Personnally I don't find the quick Myset so usefull and prefer not to waste a button for one single Myset.

Note that the first thing you have to do is find out your preferred settings for your main use. It may take you some weeks to find out. Then store these settings in Myset1 (this is important if you want to be able to return to your main shooting settings easily.

The Mysets should reflect the main situation you will encounter. What are your preferred subjects ?

On myset1, I have settings for shooting outdoors on rather still subjects, usually in aperture mode : ISO 200, center point AF, SAF, AF priority over Shutter priority, IBIS off, face detection off , etc..

Portrait mode : same setting, but face detection is activated, AF area set to multipoint, and AF is activated by the shutter instead of my usual separated button; then I have a mode for tripod shooting and bracketing, which include the use of the anti-shock and the timer. Then an action mode with CAF and picture style set to vivid(for better AF).

You will need some time to experiment with the camera before you know the best settings for each type of photograph you make (well may be not each situations, but your 4 most frequent situations).

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Thanks! Really helpful tips how to think when planning the Mysets!

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