NEX7 + LA-Ea2 + 85mm f/2.8 SAM: advice needed

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Re: NEX7 + LA-Ea2 + 85mm f/2.8 SAM: advice needed

I have the nex7 + la-ea2 + 85/f2.8 combo (use it for shooting soccer) and have also used the 55-210 e-mount zoom for a few days (borrowed from a friend).

I was so frustrated with the slow focusing of the zoom and its inability to follow action, that I immediately disqualified it as a viable option for sports (of course, you can always prefocus and anticipate action, but that's beside the point if you're discussing AF performance). I didn't consider the combo's lack of image stabilization as a big handicap since it wouldn't help much in freezing the action (might be a different story if shooting handheld video). As for the lack of focal length coverage (comparing to the zoom), I solved it by getting two more primes: 35/1.8 and Minolta 135/2.8 (both fairly small, lightweight and affordable).

As for the performance of the combo, optically it's very good - images are sharp and detailed (even wide open) with fairly smooth bokeh (which btw looked quite "busy" on the zoom). The only downside of the combo is slight CA (both lateral and axial) wide open which is usually gone by stopping down to f4 (together with any softness in the corners). As for the AF performance, it's also very good (on par with midrange DSLRs).

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