Disappointed in print (Off D800E)

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Re: Disappointed in print (Off D800E)

Like others already suggested (John Wheeler, Tony Field...) something probably went wrong with your file (assuming the original looks good on your screen at 100%, which is around 100ppi).

If you have a small photo printer at home (A4-size like many have), you could extract a small portion of your TIFF image in Photoshop and print it out on your printer to check what it should give. As your original print is 153.33ppi (7360pixels for 48inch), you should extract something like a 1630x1088pixels portion and set the resolution in PS at 153.33pixels (in Image-Image size ; be sure not to resample at this stage as you want to keep your 1630x1088 pixels), which will give you a 27x18cm picture with same magnification as your 48x32inch print (you may also want to try 150dpi or 180dpi at it matches native printer resolutions better than the 153.33). If the print out of your printer is as bad as the large one, then it is your image that is bad, otherwise it is the printshop that messed it up.


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