Am I ready to become a pro and make it a business?

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Re: Am I ready to become a pro and make it a business?

vandv wrote:

Coming from a consumer and not a photographer:

the homepage is nice

But once you go to another page, it is hard to get back to the home page (which is where you showcase your work well)

your packages should be changed a little. a story session is 3-5 hours? what if i only want an hour, and where is your pricing? consumers do not like negotiating pricing and not have a starting point.

the pictures themselves are okay. i am not sure how the pictures of the baseball with the blurry kid is what a parent wants to pay for, but you know how to use a camera.

you can try and make a business of it, but you should fix these obvious problems and now you have done the easy part. the hard part is getting customers. that will be your challenge.

Thank you for the feedback. Some questions about your reply:

With the story session, is this something we should charge by the hour for, or reword to "Up to 2.5-3 hours"?

Also, we live in a very poor part of KY, we're the 98th poorest county in the United States, people simply don't have $500-$700 to spend on a session and prints, but at the same time if we make it a business we have to keep our doors open, what can we do in this case?

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