5 years and 30 cameras later, 80,000 pictures and the Sony RX100

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Nell27 wrote:

Doug J wrote:

My only issue was the post associated with MIT & that you must be smart. You're old enough now to know that in business a 25+ year old academic credentials get a person an interview, at best. The rest is what a person delivers.

In most cases I'd agree with you, 100%, but there aren't many people wearing the Brass Rat who are looking for a job.

No doubt there's a lot of truth in that in the US, in Asia it's sometimes difficult to find qualified candidates for technical/scientific roles. We do an occasional import from the US, but it's rare, and relocating half-way around the world requires an adventurous spirit.

After 25-30 years they've either taken early retirement or they're running the company.

I've seen the early retirement bit too often. Our company's roots are in engineering, so many of our senior execs are engineers that crossed over to business. Makes for OK number crunching, and a lot of process focus - measure everything.


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