Urgent choice a77 or a850 with my lens set?

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Re: Urgent choice a77 or a850 with my lens set?

tomhongkong wrote:

What do you want to do that you cannot with your a700? It can't be video or you would not consider the a850. There is not that much between low light with a700 and proper software and a77. You don't need predictive focus tracking if you do not shoot fast moving sports

If you can tell us why you are dissatisfied, we can help


I wanted change my a700 because something he gaves me age problems.
At moment :
1 something photo with flash are bad o underexposed (I use a metz 58 af1)
2 the sensor has a bad pixel line and i see it in night/flash shots

3 something the AF makes problem and he search af = i take a lot of time for take photograpy

So i have doubt my a700 can die during an event :'(

I love mainly tilt lcd and liveview because sometime i need shoot photo in bad position where i can't see optical finder = i do random shoots

Rec mode i don't know if is important for me because often i think to make photo and only rarely i make some video (I use nex 5 or old no hd camera) .

I forgot to tell you that i have into my equip an Sony Nex 5 where i recycle my 30 and 50mm lenses (I don't use other because too big or fat for his little body)

About lens :
My 70-200 sigma is an 2.8 hsm very fast ,silent and beautiful .
Is the minolta 85mm 1.4 G rs good or similar ,for quality,to zeiss 85mm?

If i buy a77 , cna be a good choice take also 16-50? Can be it a good Allround lens?

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