Uninformed speculation about LX-7

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Re: Uninformed speculation about LX-7

nosnoop wrote:

I cannot imagine that the RX100, which costs more than some entry DSLRs, would have this problem.

I don't imagine . I report . Please do a little bit of due diligence monitoring of the blogs around the net and you too will find the reports of "autofocus not working properly."

Some people buying this camera do not even understand that it is possible to focus on your subject, and then reframe the image to place that subject off center.

I couldn't rationalize this market either, until somebody pointed out that many buyers are looking for a 'step-up' from their cellphone cameras. Sure, those who have come from DSLR will be very happy, but whether Sony will be content with that smaller market is uncertain. Panasonic were not happy with the number of LX5 they sold:


Meanwhile, enjoy your RX100, it is an ideal companion for a creative photographer who has a spare pocket...

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