Airline Carry-On Photo Backpack for DSLR & Equipment - Canon 200EG Too Small?

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Re: Airline Carry-On Photo Backpack for DSLR & Equipment

OP Here - Yes, I'm in the U.S. and my tentative 2013 airline trips are to Alaska and Central America. Of the three airlines that I've checked flight prices with, none currently have weight limits on carry on bags - yet.

I have been looking at several of the options and really appreciate the suggestions. I really wouldn't like to spend over US$150 on a backpack or bag for my new equipment. I do have an old Tamrac Model 604 that dates from about 1985 or so that I'm still using today - it just doesn't have the interior space for my newer DSLR equipment. I have been impressed how this bag has held up over the years, even on a 1989 trip to Alaska where I carried all of my 35mm SLR gear in this bag around my neck while also having an internal frame backpack with about 60 pounds of gear loaded in it on my back. I do like the durability and layout of the Tamrac bags and would need one that has the capability of holding my 60D with an attached 70-200 on the Lens-Bridge that lies across the top part of the pack. That would be a Tamrac 5612 Pro 12 which runs around US$150. This is a nice bag, but it doesn't a separate compartment for goodies like a small rain jacket or some portable radio equipment (I'm an amateur radio operator). For the price of the 5612, I could have a nice medium-sized backpack.

On the subject of backpacks, I've been looking again at the Tamrac Evolution 8 (5788) and Evolution 9 (5789), as well as the Aero Speed Pack 75 (3375) and 85 (3385). The Lowepro packs I have been looking at again are the Fastpack 250 and 350 and the Flipside 300 and 400AW. The main concern that I have for a backpack besides fitting all the photo and other "stuff" in it are that it isn't too tall. I have a regular Swiss Gear backpack that I carry to work and its about the right size at around 18" tall. I have thought about buying some soft, padded camera and lens cases and putting them in this backpack, but I would have to dig through everything and access wouldn't be as organized as a dedicated photo backpack. 18" to 18.5" seems to be my pack size limit in the size of pack that I want to carry and also stay at or around US$150 in cost.

With this in mind, anyone have personal experience with any of these backpacks? There are only a couple of photo shops around where I live and their selection of camera bags and packs are limited, so I value your input.

Thanks in advance!!
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