7D or 5Dmkii - same discussion, with a twist

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Re: 7D or 5Dmkii - same discussion, with a twist

XFitter wrote:

Right now I am shooting with a T2i (550D)

Stick to 550D.

I realize the 5Dii will win votes for landscapes over the 7D, especially since I like to shoot wide.

for landscape, 5D2 wins for its better colour depth and resolution, but if you dont print very big, then extra resolution advantage is not beneficial, colour depth difference has little real impact unless you have a very good monitor and want to print with utter most colour accuracy.

So, although the 7D vs. 5Dii topic has been beaten to death, my situation is not the typical wildlife/sports vs. landscape/portrait for the following reasons:
-I don't need 8fps,
-I don't use outer focus points.
-I don't need the crop factor for extra reach

then you have no reason to buy 7D whatsoever, IQ on 550D is at the least as good as 7D, if not a little better for less banding.

In terms of habits, I usually crop when shooting CrossFit. I like to get a bigger scene and then figure out what is interesting after the fact, whether it's the athlete's face, feet, barbell, etc. Also, since I'm in dark gyms, I am shooting at high ISO...I usually set my aperture to 1.4 or 1.6 and shutter speed at 1/200-1/400 and let camera pick ISO. Usually it's anywhere between 200-6400.

5D2 is significantly better for high iso but may not be ideal for its AF. that and you will probably need to buy 85 F1.8 to get the same FOV.

I am leaning towards the 5dii because I heard the IQ is so good and cropping is excellent.

Keep in mind though, by the time you crop 5D2's image to the same FOV as 7D or 550D, IQ advantage is lost.

I also heard the center point is just fine. So my ultimate questions are:

1. is there any reason to choose the 7D besides lower price (about $1100 for the 7D vs. $1700 for the 5Dii on ebay)

no reason to get 7D over 550D whatsoever.

Get 5D2 is you just want FF, there is nothing wrong with that and you will benefit from it. but from a purely pragmatic point of view, for your given budget, get a couple of good lenses for the money of 5D2 may give you better immediate end results.

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