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Re: Just as I thought!

bobn2 wrote:

Sergey Borachev wrote:

It is safe, and logical, to think that the unusual measures mean a very high score, given Techradar's results, and also all the other good results performed using unrelated to DXO tests.

I wouldn't think that it is safe or logical to assume that at all. DxO tests for several different things, and the surprising measures could apply to any of them.

I will be a little bit more specific, guessing as usual based on available information, rather than based on irrefutable technical or inside knowledge of anything. Of all those "different things" DxO tests and can quantify, it seems DR is the most likely one that is in question or that stands out as the most unreasonable. This is because Techradar uses DxO software in its tests and DR was found to be clearly better than all compact cameras ever in its review. The anomaly here is the Techradar score of 13 for DR, using DxO software.

Isn't the above reason enough to feel safe and logical that the unusual measure is to do with an unexpected high score? (It has been suggested, and "proven" with great technical details that it is impossible to have a score of 12 or more in this case.)

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