So little talk/speculation about the D600...

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h holland
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Re: So little talk/speculation about the D600...

Well I guess it could be very popular here but there is indeed nothing new about the predicted D600 in the internet. So there might be to little news to talk about.

Although this is strange. We can expect this camera in this summer and when its specifications are right and the price is about E 1500,- it must be a real hit in the market. And certainly it will seriously drop secondhand prices from D3 types or D700. But I don't know how it's possible to keep these cameras secret with an embargo. Before we see them in the announcements at least a thousand people on earth will know exactly when this camera is on its way to us. Announcements and documentation is ready weeks before these official moments. Employees in factories will know these secrets months before we do and I guess websites like DPreview or Amazon or B+H will know a lot more at this moment. How can this be kept a secret with our open internet and twitter and whatever modern fast communication...

Imo Nikon will hold up news about the D600 as longs as possible until the photokina. In this way they can sell a lot more of D800's. For me personally it's only interesting to see the price dropping from secondhand D3's. Probably my next hobby full-frame camera...

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