Mix 'Nikon CLS' with 'Radio Triggers'?

Started Jun 18, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Price different between Phottix Odin and Pocketwizard min/flex system

I'm going to reply, but I'm not trying to be argumentative here.

You are right about loosing the ability to add a on camera flash when using the Odins. However, if you add an on-camera flash to the PW, you loose the ability to have different zones and be able to control them. So that is a huge negative for the PW system too.

At least with the Odins, I can get another receiver and use a flash bracket to have a flash located at the camera position. Not including the price of the flash bracket, it is still a cheaper solution that going with the PW system.

I realize there are other features that the PW still has over the Odins, but trying to add a on-camera flash is a work around with either system IMHO.

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