Scene widths for achromats on Panasonic 45-175

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Re: Scene widths for achromats on Panasonic 45-175

leendertcv wrote:

Good work! Interesting information!

Thanks. I produced the graph so I could work out the approximate size of some of the insects etc I photograph, partly so I could give a size when seeking identifications, and partly just out of curiosity to know the size of some of my subjects, especially with the MSN-202 which I only obtained recently.

(I use the Raynox 150 and 250 on the m.Zuiko 40-150mm)

I imagine that works pretty well. Do you get any vignetting at 40mm? (There is none, as far as I can see, at 45mm on the Panasonic 45-200 or 45-175.)

I would be interested to know if the scene width at 150mm is pretty much the same as I measured at 150mm, which was about 14mm for the 250 and about 21mm for the 150.

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