When did people start calling lenses "copies?"

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Re: On the Worry scale : 0.000000000001 / 10

Language does indeed change, but it is important to understand why it has changed and what causes any given word to become accepted in the vernacular. It is also interesting to uncover the origin of words, especially those words that relatively new in usage. In this case, the word "copy" is being used in a new and very strange way. Like saying "My copy of the Snickers bar tastes sweeter than the other Snickers bars." Fascinating.

As for "too much time" and worrying - neither applies. I'm not worried about anything, and I have plenty of time available to take a few minutes to discuss any topic. Everyone may spend his or her time as they see fit.

sjgcit wrote:

It means I think people spend too much time worrying about use of language when language is itself a dynamic and changing thing. It's supposed to change. If it didn't we'd simply have stopped developing as a culture.

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