USB3 vs Thunderbolt

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Re: USB3 vs Thunderbolt

Ray Ritchie wrote:

The GoFlex drives look good, but are generally a little over-priced compared to USB3 drives, and the Thunderbolt adaptors for them are something like $179, I think.

They seem to be pretty cheap at Costco if you can shop there. I think the last 1.5 TB drives I bought were $119.

The list price for the TB interface is $99, and are now available discounted occasionally. You do need to also buy a TB cable which is about $50. Still... having the interface is very good... especially once GoFlex SSDs are available (or if you install an SSD in a GoFlex shell). If you saw a $179 price... that is for the larger "desk" models of GoFlex. You would probably want the $99 "portable" version instead.

Most of all... it is really good to be able to use the same drive, with different interfaces optimized for various systems.


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