Is it bad etiquette to bring my new D7000 to a wedding?

Started Jul 12, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Is it bad etiquette to bring my new D7000 to a wedding?

I've done a few weddings as the paid photographer and, frankly, from my POV, go for it. It's great for the b&g if you get some good shots you can email them. Don't go moving about during the ceremony taking pictures, but otherwise, just listen to the registrar / vicar / rabbi / priest / whoever is conducting and follow what they say and only take pics when it is alright with them. I'd watch out taking a new camera anywhere if you badly want a record of the occasion because you'll be jabbing at buttons instead of getting your shots but otherwise, used sensitively and ideally without flash, where's the harm?

Note - this is only my opinion - feel free to ignore / watch me get flamed.
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