E-M5: how long after DPR samples do we get a ful review?? Typically

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Re: Dpreview is owned by Amazon

wootpile wrote:

Amazon owns dpreview. The cameras that get reviewed first ought to be those with the biggest chance to generate substantial sales.

I don't get the logic in this concept. Amazon makes money on every item they sell. On every brand. They really don't have that much incentive to skew Dpreview readers towards one model and away from another. Further, if they did what you are suggesting they would sacrifice their credibility.

I just don't think Amazon is that stupid.

One thing that is extremely strange though is why dpreview often points out that they haven't been given a camera toi test by the manufacturer.... why not let Amazon ask for one - see how fast they get it.

When a camera is back-ordered that means no one has a copy. Not even Amazon. If they had any they would ship them to customers, not send them to Dpreview.

I might be wrong but I get the feeling dpreview would never actively ASK the manufacturer for a camera... below their status so to speak.

In order to do a proper review, you probably need to get a random copy of something, and not one specially sent to you for review by the manufacturer. This is why Consumer Reports buys cars for their tests through intermediate agents. On the other hand, Car & Driver gets their cars directly from the manufacturer as a loan.

This means those cars are walked through the assembly line by a foreman, then double checked for quality control to make sure they won't have defects. This results in higher review scores, but this isn't representative of the cars we ordinary people can buy.

Right or wrong - it is extremely strange that most other review sites get their hands on a lot of gear weeks and months before dpreview has them. Let Amazon weild some muscle and get us faster reviews so that we can make buying decisions.

You really have to assume that Dpreview has good business reasons for delaying a review. And they can be any of the following:

  • Camera in final production form is not available yet

  • Camera is back ordered due to high demand

  • Staff not sufficient for review backlog

  • Camera has known defect, and they want to wait for a corrected version

That last one is important. There really is no point in doing a full review on a camera when you know there is some major modification coming soon. Would it have been very helpful for Dpreview to put a lot of effort into completing the Fuji X10 review when everyone knows the conclusion would have been "yes, there are orbs. Don't buy one until the problem is fixed?"

We all knew that without Dpreview telling us.

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