XPRO+ 35 & 60 at Photography gear exhibition in Shanghai

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Re: XPRO+ 35 & 60 at Photography gear exhibition in Shanghai

Just so you will hear it from another person who had it for 10 days and tried it... Focus can be extremely inaccurate - actually useless in many shots using OVF from relatively short distance. Actually the fact that focus can't be trusted in some situations is well documented in some professional reviews.

I have stopped using the 60mm with the OVF and using this lens in short distances only with the EVF and I am considering same for the 35mm though part of this camera attraction is its OVF.

pkincy wrote:

Yours is the first comment I have ever heard of inaccurate focus on the XPro 1. I hear all sorts of (I think mostly unjustified complaints) about slow focus but not inaccurate.

In fact most complaints are tempered by the comment that the focus is dead on accurate once it happens.

I might suggest a trip back to fuji to get your camera checked if its focus is not accurate.

The only "my camera has inaccurate focus" I know of on this years crop of cameras is the D800 and that seems to be a design problem that they are madly trying to fix.


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