Camera Theft Prevention from a SUV

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Could you respond with the name and manufacturer of the proximity alarm(s)? You say they trigger alarms "and me." Are they techie-enough to text your smartphone or are you referring to the fact they are audible?

BTW, has your workaround for the AF-assist on the speedlights worked well? I went to an event last nght and brought along the D800 w/SB 910 and finally got some spot-on AF w/Af-assist turned off.


GMack wrote:

A large pair of bolt cutters is the standard item of carry for thieves and can overcome most all cables, locks, and chains.

Why not just put a two-way proximity alarm in the SUV that senses someone near it? I have two of them on my motorcycles and they do keep people way from them having had issues in the past. I have the range set for about 3 feet before they trigger sirens and me. I've left some expensive stuff on the bike's and the prox's seem to do the job. Visit some of your local car stereo shops or alarm shops for ideas. Scorpio makes some nice two-way alarms with proximity sensors that can be adjusted for range.

Don't advertise on the sides of your vehicle either as a photographer. Friend has alarm company signs (real alarm too) around her house and she's been hit three times now. Insurance replaces her stuff, and they seem to know that and come back again since they know the layout. Advertising "You have stuff" is a big invite. They can do a lot of damage in 70 seconds and be gone long before the cops arrive. Local TV news ran a series on "professional ex-burglars" and how fast they can get into a house and take stuff, alarms or not, and best strike times too. I didn't think it should have been shown as it might encourage 'aspiring thieves,' but it was informative.

Luckily, my car has a pull-back window shade thing that covers stuff so it can't be seen.


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