Mix 'Nikon CLS' with 'Radio Triggers'?

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Re: Phottix Odin for Nikon

I'm really happy with the Phottix Odin for Nikon. Having the 300' range is absolutely the best. Using softboxes and umbrellas and not having to worry about line-of-site to the flash makes things so much easier (IMO). I really like the RATIO TTL feature that lets you set up 3:1, 4:1 or other ratios without hardly having think. What it comes down to is speed...you can do things so much faster...adjustments that use to take walking over the flash and then back to camera....thing of the past. Think about it...what's that kind of control and time saving worth when you are on a shoot?. Also, no special batteries..'AA's' that you can get anywhere. Gotta' love the high speed sync capabilty (1/8000th sec.) for those outdoor shoots. I could go on and on but bottom line is that for me the wait for the NIKON version of Phottix Odin was definitely worth it!

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