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Because I was curious myself...

I ran a test and clocked my system as DPP batch processed 20 7D RAW files.

My system is twin-quad core (8 total cores) Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5506 @ 2.13GHz processors, 20 GBytes of RAM, 1.5 Tbyte Western Digital in RAID 1 mirroring configuration.

The RAW files were generic photos, in decent light, so no noise reduction was needed.

The 20 files took 2:48 seconds to complete or an average of 8.4 seconds each. I also note that monitoring my system somewhere between 5 and 6 cores were used by DPP for each conversion, implying that DPP can't use more or more were not needed, since I have 8 available.

Anecdotally, the 8 seconds for each conversion was longer that I thought from when I usually do this but I guess not significantly.

I reran the test using similar files from my 20D and 20 conversions to 53 seconds or about 2.7 seconds each. So the 7D RAW files take 3 times longer to process.

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