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Apple Designs Are Pretty But They Don't Meet Basic Ergonomic Standards

I raised my chair as high as possible while also raising the keyboard/trackball. I can't go any higher because my knees need to fit underneath the keyboard shelf. Even with these adjustments my line of sight is only slightly above the center of the display instead of at the top of the display where it should be.

There is simply no defense for the iMac's lack of any significant ergonomic adjustments. Apple is capable of designing hardware that meets human needs: the G4 iMac was quite possibly the most people-friendly personal computer ever made. But since then Apple has brought out iMacs that do not allow any significant adjustments combined with a highly-reflective glassy display with no option for a matte anti-glare LCD.

As far as the LED issue goes, there is quite a bit of discussion about the issue on the Internet. And there is a long-running thread on the Apple forum that began in August 2008, soon after Apple introduced refreshed Unibody MBPs. The thread has hundreds of posts from users that suffer sometimes serious side-effects when using Apple LED displays. As usual, Apple has not deemed the issue important enough to respond publicly to user concerns about its LED displays.


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